Conventional Audible Visual Devices


ENscape CAV range


The ENscape AV range doesn’t just offer regulatory compliance to new EN54-23 Standards for Audible Visual Alarm Devices; it enhances on-site safety for all building occupants and delivers fast and intuitive installation. Devices are designed to deliver outstanding omni-directional light and sound performance combined with high quality, reliability and extended operational life.

Setting The Standard


The ENscape Range meets all regulatory compliance criteria -EN54-23 C, W & O, EN54-3, RoHS, WEEE and CPR.



ENscape Sounders


Approved to EN54-3 with high output audio. Two-stage alert and alarm settings allow for phased evacuations, and a global tone set of 32 approved tones provides maximum flexibility.
Download example MP3 sound files here



ENscape Beacons


Approved to the EN54-23. Uses high output LEDs and advanced optics to deliver unbeatable omni-directional illumination at low current draw. Available in a choice of red and white light flash options.



ENscape Sounder Beacons


Combined units deliver exceptional sound and light provision in a single device, with synchronised audible and visual cues. Devices are available with clear, red and amber lenses.



Sounders with Supplementary Indicator


Devices designed for use where a sounder is required as the primary method of notification but a supplementary indicator would also be of benefit.


Lens design patent pending


4 Tone Detector Base Sounder

The detector base sounders are suitable for the integrating with smoke detectors which have 60mm mounting centers. The sounders can also be fitted with a red or white lid in place of a fire detector, creating a very low profile, stand alone device which can be positioned on a wall or ceiling.

ENscape Launch Kit


Find out how ENscape
can meet your application
requirements by
downloading our launch
kit including:


• Demonstration videos

• Technical information

• Brochure

• EN54-23 Information


Click on the beacon below to go to the launch site

EN54-23 and how it affects you


EN54-23 is a new European Standard for Visual Alarm Devices (VADs), designed to ensure that light and sound output is uniform across Europe. This standard aims to protect everyone, including the hearing impaired.


Click here to find out more.

NEW ENscape Beacon Selection Guide


To help define your conventional VAD requirements in line with the new EN54-23 standard, we have developed an easy to use online guide. Simply enter the room dimensions and ambient light conditions and the guide will help your device selection. The guide uses adobe Shockwave player, The latest version can be downloaded HERE


Click Here to open the guide.

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